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I found my niche’ at an early age when I started cutting my Barbie Doll’s hair, and to this day I still love what I do just the same, if not more as I did back then. I had a dreadful experience when I was thirteen; my Aunt took me and my cousin to the salon for a certain haircut that was popular at the time. Hers looked great, and mine looked awful. I was so embarrassed about how I looked, and it really affected my self-confidence until my hair finally grew out. It wasn’t until after I graduated from Cosmetology School and started my first job at Valentino’s Hair Salon, that I got my hair cut in a style that suited me perfectly and restored my confidence.  Ever since that experience I realized how important it is to not only listen to my client’s needs, but also advise them on what I think will work best for them.

My specialty is hair color, and I love how the right hair color makes you look and feel your best. I also enjoy putting together a total look, adding makeup and offering suggestions for the right clothing colors.  I have chosen a color line that has exceptional coverage and long lasting results with very little fade, if the proper care is taken in between salon visits.  A good hair color will also perform much better on strong and healthy hair. I will recommend what you need to get your hair into optimum condition, and give you the tools to manage your hair with the least amount of effort.

I look forward to working with you ….please call or text me for an appointment at 614.348.6013.

My services include:

Haircut/Style $50. Add extra for special styling.

Retouch / cut $115-$125
Full Highlight /no cut $125
Partial highlight / cut $$120 up
Base color retouch/full highlight / cut $185
Base color retouch/ partial highlight/ cut $150
Add lowlights $10-$15
Balayage / price given upon consultation

Prices will vary according to length , texture and complexity of service and will be given more specifically upon consultation.

Ask me about how you candetermine the right colors for your skin tone with a Seasonal Color Analysis.

Hours :
Tuesday 8:30-4:30
Wednesday 8:30-4:30
Thursday 8:30-4:30
Every other Saturday 8:30-2:30
Every other Friday 8:30-2:30

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